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Complete Human Performance

has been providing top-tier multi-sport coaching since 2012. We've made our mark by pioneering Hybrid Athletics as a "thing" (our boss wrote the book on it), and encouraging the concurrent training of strength and endurance in all athletes who could benefit. Elite, intermediate, beginner, recovering - there's room for everyone and there aren't many rules.



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  • Completely personalized and individualized programming
  • Updated and adjusted weekly by your coach
  • Provided via coaching app (TrainingPeaks, TrueCoach, etc)
  • Monthly virtual comprehensive check-ins

Performance Plus


Best Price

  • Complete personalized and individualized programming
  • Updated and adjusted weekly by your coach
  • Weekly virtual comprehensive check-ins
  • Includes Nutrition coaching and adjunct services at no extra cost (gait analysis, Mental Performance consultations, Olympic Lifting Analysis, etc)
  • Provided via coaching app (TrainingPeaks, TrueCoach, etc)



Top features

  • Coaching provided by Alex Viada 
  • Limited spots; application only
  • Completely personalized and individualized programming
  • Weekly calls with Alex
  • Provided via TrainingPeaks


At CHP, we understand the importance of having your nutrition support your training goals. We also appreciate how hard it can be to stick to a restrictive or un-personalized dietary plan while training incredibly hard. We work closely with you to find a simple, yet effective nutrition plan that works with your schedule and dietary constraints.

All packages include:

  • customized goal setting
  • dedicated, personal coach
  • weekly check-ins
  • email responses in < 48 hours (outside of holidays)
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Our Premier Level coaching is where you let Alex take the helm completely. We push you to your limits, utilizing the absolute most up to date information and data we have to make you into a better, more freakish athlete than you ever thought possible.

When you register, you will be tasked with developing a set of ambitious goals above and beyond what you realistically believed you could achieve, and we will work with you to bring you there.

In signing up, you agree to adhere to our training 100%

We require specific dedication, perseverance, and unerring focus on long-term goals.

You will be working directly with CHP founder Alex Viada, and will have access to our full library of educational material, including the CORE course, for the duration of your coaching.

Interested in Premier Coaching with Alex Viada?

He accepts clients only when he has openings in his roster - if you'd like to apply, fill this out and submit.

Premier Coaching is $599/month with a minimum commitment of 3 months unless Alex approves a shorter subscription.