The Hybrid Master Course

The purpose of this course is to give a coach or athlete ALL the tools they need to coach concurrent/hybrid training, particularly in an online setting. Review pre-recorded lectures by Alex Viada, led by a rotating host of our coaches, with access to all previously recorded group calls from previous cohorts. It's a goldmine of coaching wisdom, and it grows every single time we run through it.


The only prerequisite you'll ever need.

Consider this the foundational knowledge you'd need to pursue any of our more "in depth" courses with more familiarity. 

CORE starts with the basic science: Biomechanics, biology, statistics, chemistry, then builds on earlier lessons to dig into the intricacies of exercise selection, progression, and nutrition.  The objective of this course is to elevate the standard of knowledge in this field, to ensure that every graduate has the tools available to critically evaluate information, to read and understand current literature, and contribute to the field.

Meet Geoff and Alex,

Your CORE course instructors. Geoff Futch has his M.Ed in Kinesiology and is currently wrapping up his PhD in Kinesiology. Geoff leads most of the biomechanics lectures and discussions, having taught biomechanics at a college level for several years.

Alex has two Masters degrees (apparently one isn't enough), one of them in biochemistry, and while he's permanently backed away from his pursuit of his PhD in biochemistry of nutrition, he still remembers quite a bit. Alex leads most of the biochemistry and nutrition lectures.

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Where it all started.

Still don't have this? Released in 2015, this was Alex's big Kool Aid man moment into the scene (aside from his 700lb deadlift + Ironman thing). If you haven't read it yet, it provides excellent structure and background for all of Alex's work since then, and includes a series of templates and beer pairing recommendations. 


Deep dives, inspired by your questions.

Using your questions from his Q&As, Alex created a series of lectures (delivered live) that covered 2019's hot topics. They're still pretty hot, honestly.