Trevor Tartaglia

Trevor Tartaglia grew up playing hockey like all Canadian kids, then started playing Rugby and running cross country through high school. This led to his early discovery of yoga for recovery and injury prevention. He then joined the Canadian Forces as a combat engineer, which led to him discovering CrossFit as a training methodology.

After 5 years in the forces, he went back to university and studied engineering physics. Through his studies is work as a personal trainer, head coach and programmer for a crossfit gym, taught yoga, and did individualized preparation for athletes. He started cycling as a method of getting around the city, then quickly got into racing fixed gear crits. This eventually expanded to gravel, mountain bikes, and cyclocross.

His engineering background shows up in his coaching with a very structured and global approach. This doesn’t mean that he will completely drown you in numbers but keep things specific to the person. It is also very handy when deciding what equipment is best for different events. That’s part of the fun of cycling, the marriage between human performance and engineering.

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