The Hybrid Master Course

Become the most competent athlete & coach you can possibly be.

An 9 week course, with 9 pre-recorded modules by Alex Viada, led by CHP Coaches.

What you get:

- 9 modules
- 4 live Q&As
- Private class discussion forum.


1. Introduction to Virtual Coaching
2. Coaching Platforms and Communication
3. Initial and Ongoing Assessments
4. Devices and Wearables
5. Coaching for Endurance Sports
6. Coaching for Strength Sports
7. Concurrent Programming Design
8. Nutrition for Concurrent Athletes 
9. Application of Coaching Principles

All content is intended for concurrent training for multiple disciplines, and will include case studies and research reviews. We will help attendees file for CEUs, a certificate will be awarded if the final exam is passed successfully (though a attendance certificate will also be given if the enrollee prefers not to take the exam). 

Discussion forums will have active participation from course instructors. Class size will be highly limited to ensure personal attention. This will effectively be the closest thing to an internship or "one on one coach training" with CHP that has ever been offered.

Course materials remain available after the 9 weeks concludes, allowing students to take the exam at their own pace. 

Once complete, students receive a coupon code to take any future iteration of The Master Course for only $50, allowing them to participate multiple times with different coaches, but not need to re-purchase our course material more than once.










Meet your instructor:


Ariana Scalfo will be hosting the Winter (January) 2024 Cohort of the Hybrid Master Course. Ariana Scalfo is an OG Alex Viada "Special Project" (the irony is not lost on her), NASM certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, ACSM certified Personal Trainer, and voice of the Complete Human Performance Instagram and podcast. If she had to describe her experience to you, it would be "messing up as much as humanly possible at most things, and figuring it out as she went along."

After coaching nutrition for 5+ years to over 1,000 individuals and being deeply immersed in client retention, client experience, and the nitty-gritty of coaching real human beings, she's excited to bring that experience to coaches and athletes across the spectrum.

Now deeply immersed in the hybrid space (all forms, including Hyrox, Deka, Hybricon Games/Battle Bunker, Spartan, Rally in teh Valley, Grit Games, etc etc etc), Ariana aims to help improve the delivery of hybrid training to the general population by all coaches.

Follow her on Instagram at @running_peaches, and definitely get ready to deal with a lot of bad jokes. 


Meet the graduates:

A variety of coaches from a variety of fields, all of whom are Master Hybrid Coaches and hold the certificate to prove it.

Erik Nilsen

Performance Coach


Cindy Kulikowski

NASM CPT, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Coach, RYT200 Yoga Instructor

Instagram: @cindy_lee262 

Dean Merton

Performance Coach & Professional Wrestler



Brett Hoppel


Instagram: @hoppel_dpt

All Certificate Holders:



Alvin Arzadon

Marcus Fink

Taylor Starch

Mike Thompson

Mike Kelley

Ethan Brouillette

Jack Braniff

Erik Nilsen

Cindy Kulikowski

Dean Merton

Brett Hoppel

Logan Kram

Christian Soto

Charles Badawy