Customized fitness training and nutritional programs specifically designed for hybrid and multisport athletes.





"My physique has changed incredibly, all for the better... I ran my fastest mile. Ever... I'm bigger and stronger, and of course that translates to improved aesthetics. I've had to get a whole new wardrobe because I've hulked through all my old shirts, and I couldn't be happier! I feel less fatigued all the time, physically and mentally. My coaches have stuck with me and worked with me through crazy schedules, photo shoots, and really odd and detailed requests for what I want to do or look like... No way would I ever go back to my old style of training."

- Kourtney Thomas, CSCS,


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The basic package includes customized goal setting with daily workouts and limited contact with a specified Complete Human Performance Coach. This package is perfect for the motivated individual who wants daily programming with periodic check-ins. 



(best value)

The master package includes customized goal setting with daily programming and frequent feedback from a specified Complete Human Performance Coach. This package is ideal for the individual with more complex training and needs, especially for additional coaching staff input and more regular feedback.



The custom package is perfect for individuals who have complex goals or who wish to work with Complete Human Performance for training as well as a specialist in nutrition. These are custom designed programs. Please contact us directly for more information. 

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