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Become the Athlete You’ve Always Wanted to Be

Have you ever wanted to deadlift twice your body weight, run a marathon, and complete an Ironman?

Sure you thought -- "I'll do them eventually."

What if you could do all of it, and more, in the same year?

You can, and we're going to show you how. Complete Human Performance is the first company in the world to teach and coach Hybrid Athletics -- the art and science of improving two extremely different sports at the same time.

We've helped bodybuilders complete triathlons, powerlifters run ultra-marathons, and everything in between.

Through our podcast and articles, you’ll tap into over 100 years’ worth of combined experience and research from our team of expert coaches.

Don’t take our word for it.

"... I have done more running, more swimming, and more biking than I would have ever thought I could do and thats not the crazy part, I'M STRONGER THAN EVER... I've kept all my size and added some. It has been such an awesome experience to see what my body is capable of doing..."

- Shane Adair, NPC bodybuilder turned triathlete

Basic Package

  • Custom programming updated daily
  • Daily email support
  • 10% off coaching add-ons

Master Package

  • 1-hour custom goal-setting meeting
  • 1-hour initial assessment meeting
  • Daily programming
  • Unlimited email with 24-hour response guaranteed
  • Input from all CHP coaches

Signature Package

  • Everything included in Master Package
  • Customized training plan by Trevor Kashey
  • Designed for high-level athletes looking to have the best season of their careers.
  • Well-suited to anyone with ambitious heath fitness goals

"My physique has changed incredibly, all for the better... I ran my fastest mile. Ever... I'm bigger and stronger, and of course that translates to improved aesthetics. I've had to get a whole new wardrobe because I've hulked through all my old shirts, and I couldn't be happier! I feel less fatigued all the time, physically and mentally. My coaches have stuck with me and worked with me through crazy schedules, photo shoots, and really odd and detailed requests for what I want to do or look like... No way would I ever go back to my old style of training."

- Kourtney Thomas, CSCS,