The "Intro to Tri" package will include our basic strength + conditioning package. This is simply an introduction into triathlon training and is intended to be for someone just starting out or looking to add in the elements of triathlons into their program.

Although this will prepare you for a triathlon, this is not going to make you a middle to podium finisher and is simply a cost efficient plan for someone to  learn the basics of triathlons.


(best value)

The "Basic Coaching" package includes customized goal setting that allows the coach to program around what the athlete wants to achieve. You will receive daily programming through "Training Peaks" and will receive constant adjustments based off of your performance.

Additionally, you will receive constant feedback via email from  your coach within 48 hours. All individual add-ons are charge at 10% off full price.


The "Master Coaching" package has more perks compared to the basic package. You will receive a free one hour initial assessment along with customized goal setting and programming daily. You will have a "Training Peaks" account and unlimited workouts. You will have more access to your coach(es) with email and messenger and receive a response within 24 hours as well.

Master clients will receive input from both a main "point of contact" coach as well as an expert/specialized coach in each area of their disciplines. This package is intended for the athlete who wants to take their triathlon training to the next level!

Complete Human Performance is the first company in the world to teach and coach Hybrid Athletics -- the art and science of improving two extremely different sports at the same time.

We design every training program from the ground-up. After thoroughly assessing your goals, preferences and needs, we pair you with a main point-of-contact coach who is best suited to your needs & goals.

With input from other subject matter experts and coaches, your coach then builds a completely customized training program. But that’s only the beginning. Your coach will also continually update your program on a daily basis to adjust for your performance, recovery, life stressors, travel, and anything else that needs to be addressed.

We've helped bodybuilders complete triathlons, powerlifters run ultra-marathons, and everything in between.

Through our podcast and articles, you’ll tap into over 100 years’ worth of combined experience and research from our team of expert coaches.

Are there any initiation or extra fees?

Heck no. We won't charge you a cent more than your monthly
membership fees.

Can I have more than one membership?

Yes! You can enroll in multiple memberships or add a few pay-as-you-go workouts to create what's right for you. Many of our Wello members have a Group and Personal Training Membership.

Can I work out with more than one trainer?

Yes! You can work out with any of our top-tier Wello Trainers. All of our trainers are certified and vetted by us and you have access to all of them!

What happens to my unused credits?

Your credits will expire if they remain unused one month after the date they are issued.

How long are workouts?

Group Workouts = 60 minutes
1-on-1 Workouts = 30 or 60 minutes
Each 1-on-1 credit is good for a 30 min workout. Use two credits to book a 60 min workout.

How do I cancel or change my Membership?

You can cancel or switch your Wello membership at any point. You'll have access to your workout credits until the end of your membership period.


"... I have done more running, more swimming, and more biking than I would have ever thought I could do and thats not the crazy part, I'M STRONGER THAN EVER... I've kept all my size and added some. It has been such an awesome experience to see what my body is capable of doing..."

- Shane Adair, NPC bodybuilder turned triathlete

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