Utilizing the benefits of what performance psychology coaching achieves may be the missing link to fully optimizing your athletic performance and potential.

This is where our mental skills coach comes into play. With the variety of packages we offer, we assist athletes to achieve optimum mindset, and as a result, enhancing their athletic performance.

We understand how exercise and psychological development are interrelated. Through implementing visualization techniques, goal optimization, self-talk strategies, self-efficacy and confidence tools as well as stress management, attention/focus control, and optimal arousal level training we are prepared to ensure that you fully reach your goals.

By applying these core principles and strategies, we are confident that you will see increased motivation, maintain composure, build confidence, and upsurge your concentration.

If you are looking to truly enhance your athletic performance, consult our mental skills coach and position yourself one-step closer to being a complete athlete.


Jonathan Pietrunti


Jonathan Pietrunti joins CHP with an all-encompassing background of both military experience and performance psychology.

Having a fairly eclectic background with regards to leadership and coaching, Jonathan was previously a Navy Chief Aviation Ordanceman and functioned as a Command Fitness Leader, Career Counselor, Weapons Instructor/Inspector, MTS, and curriculum developer.

In addition to the development and leadership of Sailors, Jonathan has completed a virtuous amount of coaching and program design for both Navy PT and Sailors who previously failed a Physical Readiness Test and were in danger of getting separated from the service.

Following Jonathan’s thirteen years in the military, he worked as a private trainer in San Diego while completing his BA in Sports Psychology from the National University located in La Jolla, CA. 

Currently, Jonathan has a multitude of certifications, including:


  • ISSA-SFN (Specialist in Fitness Nutrition)
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • NKT 1
  • RockTape FMT 1/2


Next steps for Jonathan include attaining his Licensed Manual Therapist certification, CSCS certification as well as his Masters or PhD while offering his extensive knowledge in military training and performance psychology to CHP.

Ready to get started? 

View our various coaching packages and contact us to select a package that best suits your needs.

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