Metabolic Conditioning Membership Options



  • Customized goal setting
  • Programming received daily
  • Trainingpeaks account (basic)
  • Up to 7 emails per week
  • Individual add-ons are 10% off
  • Nutrition planning not included






(best value)

  • Customized goal setting
  • Programming received daily
  • Trainingpeaks account (basic) and unlimited workouts
  • Unlimited email availability
  • Free 1 hour initial assessment
  • 1 hour goal setting meeting
  • Input from both a main "point of contact" coach, as well as an expert/specialized coach in each of their disciplines
  • Nutrition planning not included



  • Includes all benefits of the Master Package
  • Fully customized nutrition planning by one of our experienced nutritionists
  • Designed for elite athletes who want the best season of their careers





  • Coaching provided in addition to any current program being followed
  • Designed to help in specific areas where weaknesses may be present to make you a more well rounded athlete
  • Trainingpeaks account (basic)
  • Programming received daily
  • Up to 5 emails per week
  • Nutrition planning not included






  • Coaching provided to help athletes prepare for the CrossFit Open
  • Individualized strategies and pacing for each workout
  • Customized goal setting
  • Programming received daily
  • Weak point analysis and improvement to help specific areas where weaknesses may be present
  • Program received daily
  • Free 1 hour initial assessment
  • Unlimited email availability
  • Trainingpeaks account (basic) and unlimited workouts
  • Nutrition planning not included

Why join Complete Human Performance?

Complete Human Performance is the first company in the world to teach and coach Hybrid Athletics -- the art and science of improving two extremely different sports at the same time.

We design every training program from the ground-up. After thoroughly assessing your goals, preferences and needs, we pair you with a main point-of-contact coach who is best suited to your needs & goals.

With input from other subject matter experts and coaches, your coach then builds a completely customized training program. But that’s only the beginning. Your coach will also continually update your program on a daily basis to adjust for your performance, recovery, life stressors, travel, and anything else that needs to be addressed.

We've helped bodybuilders complete triathlons, powerlifters run ultra-marathons, and everything in between.

Through our podcast and articles, you’ll tap into over 100 years’ worth of combined experience and research from our team of expert coaches.

Frequently asked questions & answers

Can I pick my coach?

If you have a preference, please do let us know. While we can't promise you that you'll get your preference, we can assure you the coach you are paired with will be qualified and able to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be. This coach will be your primary point of contact, and you will have access to all of our other coaches as well.

How do I pay for coaching?

We bill via PayPal. It's very simple; you can pay all at once, or break it up into weekly or monthly payments.

Can I cancel or change my training or nutrition plan?

We offer monthly, quarterly or annual training plans. Although we bill on a monthly basis via PayPal autopay, if you sign up for a 3 month or 12 month plan, you are responsible for paying for the full amount of time you committed to.

Do I have to pay in advance or do you invoice monthly?

You will receive in invoice each month for the services rendered the month before. Each invoice is based on 4.25 weeks/month in order to account for the 5 week months that occur each year.


"... I have done more running, more swimming, and more biking than I would have ever thought I could do and thats not the crazy part, I'M STRONGER THAN EVER... I've kept all my size and added some. It has been such an awesome experience to see what my body is capable of doing..."

- Shane Adair, NPC bodybuilder turned triathlete

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