In the sport of running, there are really two ways to win a race. You have a beast of an aerobic engine and can skimp on running economy (aka form) because you are so naturally gifted. Or you have a pretty average aerobic engine, but you've learned from training and running the right way how to maximize your form and efficiency.

We are not all born with massive aerobic engines; those are rare. However, every athlete can benefit from turning the mirror on themselves and analyzing their own personal movements and inefficiencies.

Whether you are an elite runner and you've reached a plateau that you just can't seem to surpass with training or you'd love to learn to "love" running, receiving a thorough gait analysis is for you.
Not interested in running? This analysis can be just as beneficial for you, regardless of sport! Movement quality and efficiency lead to higher energy, increased speed, and resiliency against injury.
Break the plateau, start loving running, become faster and more efficient than ever and sign up to get a Gait Analysis with us today!

Nick’s specialty lies in any endurance challenge that calls itself the “world’s most difficult”. Whether it be an obstacle race, running or biking, it is likely on his radar. This extreme specialization has led him to a multi-disciplinary approach in his training and coaching by integrating practices such as yoga, tai-chi, parkour, mountain biking, meditation, strength training, ad boot camps.

He is passionate about optimizing performance and longevity in the sport. With the vast understanding that over-training and over-racing is frequent in runners, his training approach works to prevent these incorrect ideologies that “more is more”.

He firmly believes that efficient, productive, and intelligent training is where “less is more”. This principle has allowed him to train smarter, not necessarily more and reap the benefits. 


This is a three point video gait analysis. Our experts analyze your movements from three angles to analyze muscular imbalances, weaknesses and poor movement patterns. This is followed with a personalized corrective solution for you to integrate into your training with your coach or on your own.


From the moment we receive the videos, turn-around time for the analysis is usually 3-4 days. After you receive your analysis and corrective solutions form, you'll have the opportunity to follow-up with our gait analysis expert through Skype or mobile phone to answer any other questions you may still have.


Video Gait Analysis is remote, and thus we can take anyone from anywhere in the world (we've done analyses from San Diego, CA, to Central America, to Italy and Australia!) All you will need is a high resolution phone camera, or ideally a GoPro or similar recording device, to film the videos.

Enhance Training

Whether you are an endurance runner, powerlifter, OCR racer, firemen, policemen, military, or CrossFitter, this analysis will be of great benefit to you. Anyone and everyone with whom running or walking is a regular part of their fitness routine or job will find tremendous value in our gait analysis.



Contact us directly and we'll get back to you within 24-48 hours to personally discuss what you're looking for!

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See what our athletes are saying about CHP Gait Analysis!

"I ran a PR in the half marathon, thanks to the gait analysis work with CHP!"
Armen Hammer
CHP client
"Not shilling here because I have no affiliation with them what so ever, and I paid to have this done. Nickademus with CHP did my gait assessment after I read the article Alex posted about lifting and being proactive in your aging. I really didn't expect very much to be found from just 3 running videos, but I am seriously impressed. Nick found quite a few issues that are affecting my squat and deadlift as well as offering the corrective movements needed to fix the issues. I didn't even tell him about my adductor/oblique tear (from 2015) and he even noted that side has some adduction issues. I have to say for the minimal investment I expect to see some pretty good return, therefore it's something I'd recommend. Apparently, I can run MUCH better if I also do the corrective moments for running as well. Which were listed with corrective measure as well."
Dallas Norris
800lb deadlifter
"Recently I had a gait analysis done by Nickademus Ultrademus Hollon and Taylor Weglicki from Complete Human Performance. They found some truly fascinating issues I wouldn't have seen in a million years. The whole process was awesome- I sent them some videos per their specifications, and they sent them back to me with audio commentary as well as drawings on the video illustrating the issues. Then, Taylor provided corrective movements geared toward my specific issues. The whole thing was tremendous- couldn't recommend it more highly. Just when you think you're at least walking properly."
Kristine Olmstead
CHP client

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