If you're interested in coaching, we recommend checking out the Coaches pages first to get an idea of who we are. Have a look at our Articles to see more on our philosophy, or go to Packages to see more about the different coaching options we have for you. Add-Ons include services like sports psych consultsphysical therapy consults, or gait analysis. Or if you just want Hybrid swag, check out our Store.

We recommend Basic for the majority of people- this gives you access to full programming (all bespoke/custom, just for you), and access to our entire team of coaches (with one main point of contact). Video analysis of lifts is always included here- this is our standard high quality coaching package. Master is recommended for highly competitive athletes or individuals with multiple ambitious goals. You may get two or more coaches working on your program here (at the same time), and may get much more frequent coach contact. Your programs may also be more complex.

Signature is recommended for individuals looking for nutrition included, who want a single point of contact for both training and nutrition. If you’ve ever struggled with multiple goals and found a standard nutrition plan that doesn’t perfectly track with your athletic ambitions has held you back (say your nutrition coach and your programming never seemed to QUITE match up….) this is the package for you.

Triathlon… well, that speaks for itself. Our triathlon packages are data intensive and by far and away the most complex. If you’re a serious triathlete, this is where you look.

For Nutrition, our one off template is intended for those who have worked with us already- these provide simple fine-tuning for your goals.  The basic is the solution for those who want more simple programming and who are used to working with a nutrition coach remotely, while master is far more interactive, and intended for the individual who benefits from frequent interaction.

As soon as you've finished your check out, you’ll get an email link to an intake form. Fill out all the information there, and hit submit. Our team immediately gets this email, and we’ll choose the right coach for you (assuming you didn’t indicate a preference on the form). Within 36 hours, your coach will reach out to you to get you set up with your TrainingPeaks account and initial assessments. Your timeline (for the package you purchased) doesn’t actually start until you get your first workout!

You will pay in advance for each training month. Each invoice is based on 4.25 weeks/month in order to account for the 5 week months that occur each year.

We work as a team, with each coach contributing their talents to our combined knowledge- every aspect of our programming is designed by a coach with specific expertise in that area. Our running programs are designed by high level running coaches, our competitive strength programs by world-class powerlifters and weightlifters, our rehab programs by a licensed PT… when you work with us, you’re guaranteed that every aspect of your program has oversight from some of the best in the business in that specific area. We work collectively, as a team, to make sure EVERY client has access to the best information we can provide. Even our mindset and visualization recommendations are built under the guidance of a coach with formal training as a sports psychologist.

And the crossover we offer is unique in the field. Even if you’re a pure runner, your strength training may get additional oversight from a world record holding powerlifter who may want to see your squatting form. Strength focused athletes may find a pro triathlete contributing to their general conditioning. If you’re going to have a multi-faceted program (and we believe everyone should, even single sport athletes), why not have the best in the world overseeing each discipline?

Then you’re like more than 50% of our clients. Our clients include everyone from professional athletes to first timers who’ve never touched a barbell or owned a pair of running shoes. We use the term “athlete” regardless, because we firmly believe that every person who sets goals and works hard to achieve them is a CHP athlete, period. If you just want to get in better shape, lean out a bit, or work on your mobility and general health, you’ve got a home here. Goals are goals- if you’ve got any ambitions, no matter how big or how small you think they are, they’re all important to us.

No. / All of them. Every athlete we work with is different. Every program is different. A sample program would tell you nothing because no two we’ve developed ever look the same. Some athletes have two day a week full body lifting/metcon programs, others may have an 11 day microcycle with several two-a-day workouts following a loose conjugate program for strength and general block periodization for running. It just depends. 

We do what works best for you. If that’s a ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting, we can work with that. If it’s macro-based high carb, we can work with that. Gluten free? Absolutely. Paleo? Sure. Our job is to make you the best you can be while understanding what works for YOU. All we can say is, whatever you work with will be based on the best possible information, backed by science and practical experience.

If you have a preference, please do let us know when you fill out your athlete intake form. While we can't promise you that you'll get your preference, we can assure you the coach you are paired with will be qualified and able to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be. This coach will be your primary point of contact, and you will have access to all of our other coaches as well.

Seminars and live events can be found HERE.

For online/elearning, visit our sister site, http://www.hybrid-academy.com!

Absolutely! Your TrainingPeaks account remains your own, and you’ll always have full, lifetime access to the programming we did with you.

Please contact us at billing@completehumanperformance.com with any questions related to billing, payments or refunds.


Not sure which programming is right for you? Want something more customized? Shoot us your contact information and one of our representatives will contact you within 48 hours to answer all of your questions about our coaching and nutrition services. Please double check your email address!