The Heart of Training and HRV

Click here to listen to the show on iTunes (Apple) Click here to listen to the show on Stitcher (Android) Dr. Mike T. Nelson is one of the foremost experts on exercise physiology and biomechanics. In this interview, he illuminates a concept that has been gaining traction in endurance and hybrid athlete circles: heart rate…

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CHP Hybrid Certified Coaches

Adam Townsend Alan Sherry Alex Viglakis Alyssa Ages Andrew Serrano Andrew St. Jean Anthony Palmero Brett Wilder Caitlyn Yuhas Chad Canter Devin Will Drew Whitted Erik Miller Firas El Achkar Ian Darragh Isaac Wilkins Jeff Dolan Joel Woods Jonathon Montgomery Juhani Pitkänen Kourtney Thomas Kristine Becker Lou Torres Michael Vidas Mike Doehla Mike Fecik Mike…

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Client Highlight – Gabby Brost

One of our clients, Gabby Brost, recently competed in a strongman competition. This was her first platinum plus show, which is a task daunting in itself! Gabby competed only 6 days after doing a prior competition.  “That’s right, I did two contests and two weight cuts in two weeks. The show itself was hard and…

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Sarah Pierce

Sarah Pierce has competed in every CrossFit games competitive season since 2007. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in both Biochemistry and Physiology. Sarah is currently an athlete for the NPGL team, the Los Angeles Reign. She has an impressive resume with competitions, placing in the top percentage in over 15 reputable competitions. In her free…

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Triathlon Training

At Complete Human Performance, we see the bigger picture and aim to change triathletes for a lifetime of successful training, racing, and fueling, through an integrated system that creates a stronger, less injured, and better fueled endurance athlete. The new path for triathlon that we see incorporates more than the traditional swim/bike/run. We use strength…

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Joy Victoria

For Joy, fitness started as a hobby, but it quickly became what she wanted to be good at. That early passion led to coaching, competing in powerlifting, presenting at seminars, getting certified with CPTN, Strong First and Precision Nutrition, and somehow managing to teach high school kids how to lift weights without killing themselves. Joy’s philosophy…

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How to Get Stronger and Build Muscle When You’re No Longer a Beginner

![Imgur](https://imgur.com/JE7ox1z.jpg) The first 6-12 months of weightlifting are easy. If you try to add weight every workout, and [eat enough](http://evidencemag.com/how-to-build-muscle-with-food), you’ll build muscle and get stronger every week. It’s hard *not* to make gains at this point. Your body isn’t used to this kind of stimulus, and you make rapid progress. But, after that first…

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6 Sure-Fire Signs You Need to Quit Your Goal

![Imgur](https://imgur.com/HaqSZPH.jpg) Whether you set [New Year’s Resolutions](http://evidencemag.com/resolutions-2014/) or not (I don’t), you probably have several goals you’re chasing right now. Maybe you’re trying to become [leaner](http://evidencemag.com/fat-loss-podcast/), stronger, faster, or more productive. Maybe you’ve set some other self improvement goals. Good. Setting goals is one of the best things you can do to improve. But that…

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How to Eat and Train for Powerlifting (Without Getting Fat)

![Imgur](https://imgur.com/KZApkdg.jpg) You aren’t just training to [look pretty](http://evidencemag.com/layne-norton-peaking). You want to be one of the strongest people in your gym. But, you don’t want to end up like some powerlifters — [fat](http://evidencemag.com/fat-gain-explained/). You want to be lean, strong, and [muscular](http://evidencemag.com/max-muscle-plan-podcast/). You aren’t interested in competing right now, but who knows, maybe in a year or…

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