Don’t Resist the Training: Resistance Training in Youth Populations

Written By: Ryan Miller MS, CSCS Resistance training, also termed strength training, is implemented across all age groups to improve health. For children and adolescents especially, it offers several benefits; some of those are increased self-esteem, increased bone mineral density (BMD), and improved body composition. But strength training among this population has encountered a strong…

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Training for LEO

Written By: Pat Skinner My name is Pat Skinner and I am a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) in New York state. I have been an investigator for two years. Prior to that I was a road trooper for nine years and know both ends of the spectrum. I know what it is required from this…

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Crawls and Carries

Written By: Andrew Read Endurance athletes can be a blessing and a curse to train. Endurance sports are built off extreme work ethics and the ability and willingness to suffer. However, that determination and motivation can easily sidetrack your clients with injury and burn out. It can also make programming hard due to weakness or…

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Frequent Training Mistakes for OCR Athletes

Written By: Evan Perperis, NSCA-CPT Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is a sport that stresses the body of the hybrid athlete. Requiring athletes to simultaneously train for strength and speed can lead to problems, confusion and reoccurring mistakes. Once people have their weekly set routine down, these mistakes frequently come to the surface for the OCR athlete…

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A Delicate Balance: Sport and Life for the Working Professional

Written By: David Whitfield Balance. The word itself brings to mind a myriad of mental imagery. The scales of justice. A tightrope act in a circus. A field sobriety test. For the typical individual browsing this site, we can properly assume that the term will lead to thoughts related to athleticism and fitness. For some, proprioceptive…

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How To Train For Military Selection

Click here to listen to the show on iTunes (Apple) Click here to listen to the show on Stitcher (Android)    Annie “Gunshow” Dohack of Complete Human Performance has successfully trained over 140 individuals for military selection in several branches of the armed forces. Here, she shares her expertise on how to program for members…

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