Phantom Limb Pain: Pathophysiology and Treatment

Background There were an estimated 1.6 million people in the US living with limb loss in 2005. This number is projected to increase to 3.6 million by 2050. Of these patients, the incidence of phantom limb pain (PLP) is estimated to be 42.2 – 78.8% (Houghton, 1999). The phenomenon was first described by Ambroise Pare,…

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How to Get Your Clients to Really Stick to Their Diets

You’ve given your client a new diet plan. It’s based on the latest scientific research and it’s worked well for other clients. But this client, for whatever reason, just can’t seem to stick to the program. You want to help them, but you’re not sure what to do next. Part of you wants to blame it…

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I’m a Woman and I’m Worried Lifting Weights Will Make Me Bulky

You’ve got a client who’s thinking about lifting weights. She’s excited to start, but she’s also concerned that lifting will make her add too much muscle. She doesn’t want to look like the guys she sees at her gym, but she does want to start lifting. In this podcast, personal trainer Dell Farrell explains how…

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How to Help Clients Build the Confidence to Change

Some clients never give themselves a chance. As a personal trainer, this can be maddening. You’re doing your best to give your client simple, practical advice on diet and exercise, but they never seem to change. Even small tasks seem overwhelming to them. You know they have it in them, but they just don’t seem…

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How to Stay in Great Shape While Traveling

My friend Denver Steyn has no trouble staying in incredible shape while traveling the world. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like traveling. But it’s not all fun. You may not be able to find a gym. You probably won’t be able to stick to your normal diet plan. When most people travel,…

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How to Use Rest-Pause Training to Build Muscle

In most strength training programs, you’re told to perform all of the reps in each set without resting. That works, but it’s not always best. New research indicates that you can build more muscle by taking short breaks during your sets. This method is called “Rest-Pause” training, and in this podcast, you’re going to learn…

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5 Unmistakable Warning Signs Your Diet is Going to Fail

The first days are easy. You never get hungry. You look forward to every meal.  The first weeks are a little harder. You get a few hunger pangs, but it’s not enough to stop you. The scale drops every day. Something changes after about two weeks.  You’re still getting leaner, but you don’t have the…

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