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Complete Human Performance Radio talks with Jaret Grossman on the topic of nutrition and how you can enjoy your food while still maintaining your fitness goals.  The proper mindset for elite athletic performance Training with your unique purpose in mind, not just following someone else’s routine. Maximizing muscular growth naturally and limiting myostatin response How…

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Jonny’s “Cut” – 2 Months Down

Ok, so last week’s update didn’t happen due to final exams and other ridiculousness, but now you get two weeks rolled into one. If you missed the last installment and need a refresher, you can CLICK HERE to read it. The Cliff’s Notes version: I was on the way to a stall, having only lost…

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Strength Training for Endurance Athletes, part 2

In Strength Training for Endurance Athletes, Part 1, the role of strength training as it relates to injury prevention, correcting imbalances, and developing strength was dissected in detail. Specifically, the physical adaptations and benefits of strength training were discussed as they related to the deadlift, because of its unique ability to target so many of…

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A 4-Step System for Teaching and Learning Strength Exercises

By Justin Kompf One of my athletes just isn’t getting it and I can’t blame him. We’re working on a kettlebell snatch, which isn’t an easy movement to master, especially if the weight is heavy. I’m asking him to do something that requires excellent upper and lower body coordination. Telling him the standard cues of…

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What Supplements are Worth Taking to Stay Healthy?

It’s easy to get obsessed with supplements. They all make exciting claims. They’re all somewhat convenient. And most supplement companies try to convince you that there’s something wrong with you, and that taking their product will fix it. But after getting burned a few times, you’ve learned that there are a lot of crappy supplements…

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The Complete Guide to Cardio for Strength Athletes

If you’re trying to get bigger and stronger, someone has told you that cardio will make you small and weak. “It causes too much muscle damage, you’ll overtrain.” “It’s too catabolic.” “Cardio makes it impossible to get strong — ever see a marathon runner squat?” “It interferes with cellular signaling and causes bad stuff to…

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The 7 Laws of Training for Muscle Growth

Once you get the basics covered, nutrition is pretty simple. If you eat the right amount of calories and macronutrients, eat a fairly healthy diet, and stick to a sensible meal schedule, you’re basically set. Training for muscle growth can get more complicated, a lot more complicated. Walk into any gym and it seems like…

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