Crawls and Carries

Written By: Andrew Read Endurance athletes can be a blessing and a curse to train. Endurance sports are built off extreme work ethics and the ability and willingness to suffer. However, that determination and motivation can easily sidetrack your clients with injury and burn out. It can also make programming hard due to weakness or…

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The Three Pillars of OCR Training

Written By: Evan Perperis, NSCA-CPT Training for obstacle course racing (OCR) can be confusing and complicated to the average athlete. Because there are several race options to choose from – including, but not limited to, Spartan, Tough Mudder, Savage Race, and Conquer The Gauntlet – the obstacles you have to train for can vary wildly. Some…

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My Back Hurts: Can I Lift?

Written By: Claire Kopko, PT, DPT, OCS, NASM-PES Low back pain is an almost expected malady of any strength athlete. It is the rare lifter who has not complained of this and had his performance negatively affected by this problem. Some opt to ignore the problem and work through it, while others choose to avoid aggravating…

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The Basics of Altitude and How to Acclimatize

  By: Tamara Kidd       One of the biggest concerns in the alpine world, especially for those new to mountaineering, is altitude sickness. Doctors have yet to discover exactly what causes it, so most of what we know is based on trial and error from those who adventure into high altitude. The best…

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Stroke Rating & Ratio In Rowing: Why Is It Important?

By: Margie Ellison  As a rowing coach, one of the biggest misunderstandings that I have come across is the stroke rating and ratio. The stroke rating is the number of strokes that you take per minute. This number is displayed in the top right corner of your ERG’s (the indoor rowing machine) monitor. The ratio is the amount…

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A 4-Step System for Teaching and Learning Strength Exercises

By Justin Kompf One of my athletes just isn’t getting it and I can’t blame him. We’re working on a kettlebell snatch, which isn’t an easy movement to master, especially if the weight is heavy. I’m asking him to do something that requires excellent upper and lower body coordination. Telling him the standard cues of…

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How to Stay in Great Shape While Traveling

My friend Denver Steyn has no trouble staying in incredible shape while traveling the world. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like traveling. But it’s not all fun. You may not be able to find a gym. You probably won’t be able to stick to your normal diet plan. When most people travel,…

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How to Treat Low-Back Pain

If you’ve ever had back pain, you’re not alone. For many people, low-back pain becomes a chronic problem that can resurface at any moment. In a previous podcast, you learned why most treatments for low-back pain don’t work. In this episode, you’ll learn about a simple, safe, and cheap treatment method for low-back pain that…

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