Considerations for Female Strength Training

Written By: Lee Bell BSc (Hons), PGCE, MSc. One of the biggest shifts in gym use over the last few years has been the increase in strength training by females. We’re at a point now where the benefits of lean muscle tissue for females are no longer secret, and this has led to more women…

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Four Huge Triathlon Mistakes That Will Keep You Slow

By: Jon Fecik Photo Credit: Wesley Xie Even though I race as a Professional Triathlete and have coached for 9 years, it is not hard to remember the mistakes I made when I was first starting out as a triathlete. I came from a wrestling background where the mentality was that very hard, all-out work paid…

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The Best Triathlon Off-Season Yet

By: Mike Fecik As the triathlon season starts to slow down, don’t think that the off-season means getting fat and hibernating until Spring! Of course, take time to do nothing and find a way to “miss” your usual training plan. I suggest 2-4 weeks if you can (and if your significant other/friends can stand you…

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Should Triathletes Use Knee Sleeves While Squatting?

Click here to listen to the show on iTunes (Apple) Click here to listen to the show on Stitcher (Android) Hardcore powerlifters and bodybuilders often swear by knee sleeves for squatting, but what about endurance athletes? In this episode of CHP Radio, you’ll learn the pros and cons of knee sleeves for endurance athletes who…

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Old School Sport Meets New School Training

By: Jackson Williams Football is a collision sport. I can still see my middle school coach looking me in the face and saying this during my first year ever suiting up for football in the seventh grade. We ran a bare bones wing-t offense that was old school. Run the ball and be physical. That’s…

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So you want to run? Endurance Training for Strength Athletes, Part 2

So, you want to run?  (Part 2: Specifics, and the routines) If part one of this series achieved its objective, at this point it should be possible to construct a basic running/lifting routine that should return good results over time. Right now the greatest risk will come from “tweaking” the overall plan- If the overall…

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