Fat Loss

How to Properly Lose Weight

i.e. The CHP guide to weight loss.Weight loss and dieting is a topic that has been nearly beaten to death, both on the internet and in print. There are hundreds of thousands of “best” diets available to choose from, all of which seem to conflict.  Indeed, to an individual simply looking for fast, effective fat…

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The Smart Person’s Guide to Fat Loss

Almost everyone wants to get leaner. Few know how to do it correctly. It’s easy to make dieting more complex than it really is. You get distracted by useless supplements, suboptimal workout programs, and misleading blogs. In this podcast, Mike Howard teaches you what really matters most when dieting. Not only does he tell you…

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I’m a Woman and I’m Worried Lifting Weights Will Make Me Bulky

You’ve got a client who’s thinking about lifting weights. She’s excited to start, but she’s also concerned that lifting will make her add too much muscle. She doesn’t want to look like the guys she sees at her gym, but she does want to start lifting. In this podcast, personal trainer Dell Farrell explains how…

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Is There Such Thing as a “Perfect Diet?”

People will never stop arguing over the best way to eat. There will be always people who religiously defend their ideal macronutrient ratios, food groups or nutrient timing strategies. You know most of those debates are silly. But you’re also not 100 percent sure how to eat. Some of these crazy groups have good points.…

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Should Everyone Try to Lose Fat the Same Way?

Losing fat isn’t complicated. At least the principles aren’t. You need to stay in a calorie deficit. You should eat enough protein. You should lift weights. The confusing part is how to *actually do that stuff.* How do you know when it’s best to track your macros versus eating intuitively? How do you decide when…

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