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Battle of the Bay 3 & US Open Meet Prep Training – 1/29 – 2/8

Five weeks out from Battle of the Bay 3, 11 weeks out from the US Open. Deadlifts (1/29/17) Worked up to 380 for doubles and even did the last set without a belt because I was feeling good. This is very peculiar to feel this good going into a peak, but instead of worrying about…

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A Stronger Core

Written By: Sam Winston Programming core strength is traditionally directed to a list of ab exercises performed at the end of lifting sessions. Anywhere from 5-10 minutes spent to on a few sets and repetitions of movements such as crunches, sit-ups, planks, and bicycles. The approach many people have adopted to train their core is…

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Digging Up Pain

Written By: Helena Wu Everyone’s world is divided into two parts: the one they care about, and the one they do not. With all the hubris of childhood, I staunchly believed I figured that out years ago. I was the soft-spoken loner who read chapter books for fun in kindergarten, skipped second grade, and avoided…

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Some things you can’t recover from. You can only see them coming.

Written By: Alex Viada *The following is inspired by a post shared by Alex Viada on his personal Facebook page. The below has been edited slightly from its original content.*   Well, I found it. Not a terribly easy thing to post here. I’ve talked in the past a few times about issues with eating…

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Stop Telling Me To Loosen Up

Written By: Christy Shaw For a long time now, I have battled a deep sense of shame about the fact that, while my job entails helping others with their food, I’ve been to an exceptionally dark place with my own relationship to food. I’ve spent years keeping my experiences in the dark, yielding to a profound fear…

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