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Complete Human Performance Coach, Elise Fugowski, heads to sunny Miami, FL this weekend to compete in this years Wodapalooza. Elise joins teammates Kristen Graham, owner of CrossFit Toms River, and Corrin Lemieux who trains out of Taunton, Massachusetts. We sat down with the trio to discuss what their training has looked like, the their hardest WOD’s, what…

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Armi Legge

Armi Legge is a writer and fitness consultant who competed on the Youth and Junior USA Triathlon circuits for nearly a decade. In addition to many triathlons, cycling, kayaking and running races, he also trains as a powerlifter. Based out of San Francisco, Armi now works as a nutrition consultant for multi-sport athletes through CHP…

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Sierra Huber

Sierra Huber has been coaching in the educational field for over 10 years. She is a certified USAT Level 1 and ASCA Level 1 coach, and continues to train extensively as both a coach and an athlete. Sierra has worked with Age Group to Elite triathletes, in addition to  beginner athletes and military personnel looking…

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Jordan Wong

Jordan Wong is a former (and hopefully future) all time world record holder who has been competing in powerlifting since he was 17. He has condensed a tremendous amount of learning and experience into those years, having dealt with setbacks, including disc herniations, but came back stronger and smarter from the experience every time. He…

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Jenn Rotsinger

Jenn Rotsinger has been a competitive powerlifter since 2004 and has lifted in all divisions of the sport from raw with sleeves to full multi-ply. Some of her proudest accomplishments include a WR raw squat of 341lb (155kg), a 408lb (185.5kg) deadlift, and a 940lb (426.4kg) total in the 114lb (52kg) class. Aside from training,…

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