At Complete Human Performance, we see the bigger picture and aim to train triathletes for a lifetime of successful training, racing, and fueling. We do this through an integrated system that creates a stronger, less injured, and better fueled endurance athlete.

The new path for triathlons that we see incorporates more than the traditional swim/bike/run. We use strength principles to build a more complete athlete and nutrition that works to ensure the best possible performance every single day. Essentially, we take our signature hybrid athlete protocol one step further by creating the best possible program to make each individual a hybrid triathlete.



Kelly Bruno, MD and USA Track and Field certified coach, is co-owner of Complete Human Performance. She is currently an Anesthesiology Resident at UNC Hospitals with nine years of personal training and coaching experience and over 17 years of high level competitive athletic experience. Kelly is also a former world record holder for her classification in numerous track events (including the 100 meter, 200 meter, and 400 meter), as well as a veteran triathlete, marathoner, and ultramarathoner.

She was only 6 months old when she had her leg amputated below the knee due to a congenital deformity, but has never let that slow her down. With multiple Ironman triathlons and a 100 mile ultramarathon to her credit, Kelly has continued to push the limits of what is physically possible. She is well known by prosthetists for being the only 120 pound female who can utterly destroy the most rugged and durable carbon fiber equipment after mere months of use.

Mike Fecik, USA Triathlon, Cycling, and Track and Field certified coach has been coaching for over 6 years.  He swam competitively in college and then transitioned to racing triathlons.  He found good form at an early stage in his career and decided that he needed to help others train and race.  He has a keen sense of how to help someone reach his or her full potential.  Mike uses traditional and innovative training methods along with an emphasis in strength and hybrid athlete training to help push each client to a new level of performance and achievement.

mikefecik bike

"I have raced all over the United States including racing Ironman Lake Placid, Ironman 70.3 World Championships, Escape From Alcatraz, Savageman Triathlon and USAT Nationals. I use knowledge and real world experience to help others to achieve and exceed their own goals in the gym and while racing." - Mike Fecik

"Complete Human Performance has dramatically improved my triathlon performance. Coming from a rugby background and being new to triathlons, I was skeptical of how much a triathlon coach could really do for me. As far as I was concerned biking is biking. I thought, “what could a coach do besides tell me to spin my legs faster?” Complete Human Performance created a unique training program centered around my goals and upcoming race schedule. Through a combination of strength, speed and technique I have improved tremendously. Surprisingly, their plan directed me to train fewer hours per week than when I was training on my own. After several months with CHP, I was getting faster times across the board in running, biking and greatly improving my swimming. A week ago I qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships. I am confident that training with CHP helped me improve and reach my goals in the three short months I have been training with them." - Bren Winbrock, CHP Triathlete, Worlds Qualifier

Jon Fecik has been a triathlete for over 10 years and he lives and breathes the sport. When he began his athletic journey, Jon thought that living as an athlete meant getting in big workouts and competing a few times a year. Now that he has participated in over 60 triathlons, trained for over 30 hours in a week, and completed the Ironman World Championship, he’s realized that it is much more than that. Living as an athlete is a life approach. It requires a relentless awareness of your body, mind, and environment. It requires an unwavering desire to live and adapt, rest and grow.

He’s presently racing as a professional triathlete.

In addition to training, Jon is a full time USA triathlon certified coach and enjoys it tremendously. “There’s nothing quite like seeing the individuals I coach grow as athletes and human beings” says Jon. He has a BS in Heath Science Studies–with a focus in exercise physiology and the aging process—from Quinnipiac University. This foundation allows him to educate athletes about themselves from an acute, biological point of view, helping to prevent sickness and injury. It has also equipped him to coach older athletes who are battling age specific challenges such as sarcopenia, or the natural deterioration of the muscles due to aging.

Although Jon is new to the Complete Human Performance team, he has been coaching full time for over 9 years for his private business Jon Fecik Racing (formally Power On Coaching). Jon believes that athletes benefit from individualized training. Thus, he tailors each athlete’s plan to fit his/her needs and goals. This approach has helped him guide athletes to their first sprint triathlon finish to those who qualified for and competed at USAT Nationals, ITU Worlds, 70.3 Worlds, and the Ironman World Championship. He works best with those who love to work hard and PR.

Sierra Huber has been coaching in the educational field for over 10 years. She is a certified USAT Level 1 and ASCA Level 1 coach, and continues to train extensively as both a coach and an athlete.

Sierra has worked with Age Group to Elite triathletes, in addition to  beginner athletes and military personnel looking to pass rigorous tests. Her personal experience and proficiency as a dedicated swimmer has allowed her to help other athletes conquer one of the most dreaded parts of military and triathlon training. She has coached all skill levels of athletes and all race distances. When working with athletes, Sierra excels at analyzing their form for running and swimming and knows how to pull out the best in them.



"I believe that to be a great coach you need to know your athlete. That means you need to build and foster relationships, listen to your athletes, and show compassion. It's about communication and honesty, which enables you to craft a plan and technique that works for each athlete." - Sierra Huber

"Working with Sierra has been a great learning experience for me. Before starting with CHP, I would just get in the pool and swim. Since being comfortable in the water was one of my goals en route to becoming a special operator, I never took it to seriously. Sierra has done an outstanding job of teaching and training me. With her help I have dropped 4 minutes off of my 1500 meter swim time while only swimming twice a week! She is always there to answer questions and is more than helpful when it comes to explaining different swimming drills or exercises. I would strongly recommend enlisting the help of Sierra if you have goals that pertain to improvement in the water. You will reach and exceed them!" - Chris C, Air Force

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