Kalle Beck has been competing in Strongman competitions. Since 2007, competitive highlights include California’s Strongest man and multiple state championships, three top ten finishes at Nationals, and two invites to the Arnold World Championships including 6th place in 2013.

In 2014 Kalle founded Starting Strongman one of the top sources of information and news on the sport.

Annie Gunshow started on her path into fitness by achieving B.S.s in Exercise Physiology and Nutritional Science before moving on to get her masters in Exercise Physiology.  During her time as a student, she was able to start working with athletes of varying levels as well as the general population.  Since finishing her graduate work, Annie was worked in the collegiate, clinical, and private setting and currently calls Memphis, TN and NBS Fitness home.

Special interests to Annie are powerlifting, strongman, and physique sports.  As an athlete, she has competed in all of those areas at a high level as well as dabbled in running events and CrossFit.  Her areas of specialty at this time are military prep, powerlifting, strongman, and endurance improvement.


Taylor is proud owner of a BS in Biochemistry and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, which he has put to good use treating a wide variety of athletes in his career. From strongman competitors to CrossFit athletes, ultra runners to track specialists, high school athletes to NBA players, Taylor has seen and successfully treated a wide variety of injuries and conditions. He has spent time working with the pediatric population as well, to better understand and program for the needs of the youth athlete.

In addition to working tirelessly to bring great content to bear with CHP, Taylor also competes as an amateur strongman athlete. With a history of track and collegiate cross country as well, his knowledge base for rehabilitation spans a wide variety of sports. Taylor has personally transformed himself from a 4:40 miler to a strongman who can nearly run with 300 lbs farmers handles in each hand. As such, he can confidently handle not only endurance related rehabilitation and programming, but is also an excellent resource for injury prevention and recovery in strength athletes.


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Durham, North Carolina


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