Top level Powerlifting coaches with the combined resources of Complete Human Performance. What you get is customized (no templates) coaching from some of the best lifters in the world, backed by the most diverse coaching team in the business. Every component of your programming is designed by a specialist, but backed by our team of experts, so you get not just world class PL programming, but conditioning work designed by top level endurance coaches, rehab and injury prevention provided by our Physical Therapist, and (if you so desire) seamless transitions to off season programming or any other sport or athletic pursuit you may be interested in pursuing, from Strongman to OCR to military preparation.

Marisa Inda
Marisa Inda

Marisa Inda, ACE certified and graduate in Biology from Antioch College. She has 7 years of personal training experience and over 20 years combined athletic experience in physique, calisthenics and powerlifting. Marisa is currently the American record holder in Bench, Deadlift as well as total in the 114lb class in the USAPL, but she is probably better known as the “pullup dancing girl.”

"Results for me encompass both the physical AND the mental; especially in powerlifting where your brute strength is only as strong as your confidence when getting under heavy weight. So how do you marry the two? Through proper programming you build mental confidence by practicing good technique via frequency of the lifts and not missing reps in training. Although fails may happen, the goal is to prove it on the platform and remember that PR’s can be set in other ways during the training cycle (i.e. rep PR’s).”

Jordan Wong is a former (and hopefully future) all time world record holder who has been competing in powerlifting since he was 17. He has condensed a tremendous amount of learning and experience into those years, having dealt with setbacks, including disc herniations, but came back stronger and smarter from the experience every time. He has worked with lifters of all levels, from intermediate to advanced (many through significant portions of their lifting careers), and helped a number of athletes recover from their own back injuries and issues.

Jordan Wong
Jordan Wong

"I am a believer in taking “down time” to avoid burnout & implement it for recovery AND prevention purposes. I take a methodical approach when constructing different phases of powerlifting training (example: recovery phases, hypertrophy phases, strength training phases, and peaking phases).”


Jenn Rotsinger has been a competitive powerlifter since 2004 and has lifted in all divisions of the sport from raw with sleeves to full multi-ply. Some of her proudest accomplishments include a WR raw squat of 341lb (155kg), a 408lb (185.5kg) deadlift, and a 940lb (426.4kg) total in the 114lb (52kg) class. Aside from training, she also is a microbiologist, powerlifting coach, and co-owner of Gorilla Bench Training Center in Clearwater, FL.

Owner of Jaffe Strength located in Florida, Trevor Jaffe has been a competitive strength athlete for over 10 years. He has attained first place finishes in both Strongman and Weightlifting, though now has shifted his primary focus towards powerlifting. Trevor’s best competition lifts includes a 617lb squat in sleeves, 661lb squat in wraps, and a 727lb deadlift in the 198lb weight class.

Among many notable accolades, Trevor has achieved Elite totals in both the 181lb and 198lb weight classes and is the Raw Unity 9 198lb weight class champion. He currently coaches several USPA American record holders and two USPA world record holders.

Recently, Trevor has earned the nickname of “the deadlift whisperer” for his ability to improve this specific lift. Though he is also known for his uncanny ability to overall improve a lifters mechanics and technique leading to larger totals in a short time frame.

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