CHP Hybrid Certified Coaches

Adam Townsend

Alan Sherry

Alex Viglakis

Alyssa Ages

Andrew Serrano

Andrew St. Jean

Anthony Palmero

Brett Wilder

Caitlyn Yuhas

Chad Canter

Devin Will

Drew Whitted

Erik Miller

Firas El Achkar

Ian Darragh

Isaac Wilkins

Jeff Dolan

Joel Woods

Jonathon Montgomery

Juhani Pitkänen

Kourtney Thomas

Kristine Becker

Lou Torres

Michael Vidas

Mike Doehla

Mike Fecik

Mike Hom

Peter Radziewicz

Ryan Lepper

Steven Williamson

Tanner Baze

Tisha Timan

Todd Bettler

Tom Connor

Tyler Kaye

Zachary Crawford

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Complete Human Performance is a cutting edge hybrid athletic training company. Our coaches have expertise in a wide-range of sports in addition to being specifically trained in the application of the hybrid methodology. We offer a wide range of training and nutrition options to suit your specific needs.

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